Paint clear coat cracking

The paint is starting to get cracks on the hood and fenders of my 2008 Honda civic its dark blue with 43,700 miles the dealer said the warranty for paint is 36 months or 36,000 miles. They said its the clear coat and the black and dark blue paint has been doing this.He is checking with Honda to see if they will paint the hood and fenders for me.I feel that in time the rest of the car will get these cracks to and they should repaint the entire car, since they admitted that it is a problem with the clear coat.The car is always garaged and waxed often.What do you think

This appears to be quite a common problem for Honda cars, and has been going on for more than a decade. Do an internet search on “Honda paint problems” and you will see a great many complaints from other owners.

Of all those who reported paint problems, not one has indicated any success from their dealer or from Honda Corp. Apparently, once you advance past the 36-mo 36,000-mile warranty, Honda does not want to hear from you ever again.

Keep trying. If you have any further news to report, please let us know.

I wonder if this car was repainted after it got off the boat. If it was me I would want to sand it down carefully and see if there are layers of clear and basecoat paint. If it had some damage and was repaired. It could have to many mills(to thick) of the clear coat. That would cause it to crack. So many of these cars are repainted after shipping damage. A painter that I used to work with used to fix these cars after they came off the boats. From what he said its was get them fixed fast and cheap.

I don’t know if yours would be covered under this per-se, but there is a Honda TSB out for paint problems.
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Did you buy the car new or used?

I’ve personally experienced this problem, but only with aftermarket paint jobs. If you purchased this car used, it might have been in an accident before you bought it.

I bought it new with 6 miles on it.They even sold me a 799.00 Surface protection system which they said would maintain the appearance and value of my car and would help the trade -in value.Still waiting for the service manager to get back with me ,he said to give him a week to get with Honda.