Disappointed in my Civic’s paint quality

I’ve had my 2010 Honda Civic many times for paint issues. They would only fix what area were fading because of no clear coat.
Now, my car is fading more and looks terrible. This was my first time buying a Honda. Very disappointed.

looks like honda put a 7 year extension on the paint problem but you are past that. there are class action lawsuits but they take forever.

What is happening to my Honda paint? Honda Paint issues (autobody-review.com)

If you qualified for the extended warranty and we’re not told about it by the dealer, you may still have recourse. Check your color against the list. If your first visit was within the seven years, contact Honda.

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You always have the option of getting it repainted of course. I have that problem on my 50 year old truck, and get pretty good results by removing the oxidation layer using rubbing compound, followed up by a coat of wax. I use a combo of No 7 brand rubbing compound/No 7 brand polishing compound, followed by a coat of Turtle paste wax.

But that won’t work with clear coat.

A whole lot of “what” but not much “why”. Cracking and peeling is only going to be corrected by repainting. Interesting that it is only a solid color and not clear. At some point way back they were having trouble with water based paints, acceptable gloss, adhesion to the primer, and so on. Clear coat was a way to get better looking finish. There have still been problems with clears chalking and cracking but it was more an acceptable finish. Other brands had the problem too so not just Honda.

At any rate eleven years or so, paint is not permanent. Not much to be done except refinish.

That is when Honda switched paint formula due to environmental concerns.They use a water based clear that didn’t stick well to the basecoat.