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2009 Honda Civic paint bubbling

wondering if anyone has a problem with Honda Civic Sedan…paint peeling off the hood,hub caps and front bumper, getting worse daily…just started…my Honda is a 2010…Honda says sorry warranty is up…seems like this is a paint issue…car looks spotted,bad paint job…no more Hondas for my family & friends

Well due to EPA restrictions, pretty much all the manufacturers are using water based paint now so it’ll be hard to find anything with different paint. A lot of it depends on how the car is used. Is it in the hot sun a lot, in the garage, waxed often, etc. But that’s a little young for the paint to be failing.

In the desert failing paint or clear coat is a common sight, most common are dark colors from Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan. A co-worker had a 1990 Lexus LS400 recently with beautiful paint, quality paint comes at a cost.

I live in Los Angeles where it gets pretty hot

I see plenty of 2009 model year vehicles with bad paint

I also see vehicles even newer than this with bad paint

So you’re not alone

I disagree

You shouldn’t be blaming Honda

Agree , we don’t know if it was purchased new or used. Was it garaged or set outside . Was it washed and waxed on some decent schedule.
Now if the person who made this thread does not want another Honda that is fine. But trying to get other people to avoid the brand is just wrong.