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2014 Honda Accord Sdn - Peeling paint

We have a 2014 Honda Accord Sport with White paint that is peeling around the rear window rain channels. This problem was first noticed in June of 2019 when my father in-law washed our car by hand and pointed it out to me. I did not take it into the dealership until sometime in July or August. I thought for sure Honda would take care of it. Instead of taking care of it the dealearship said I had to contact Honda directly. From there I had to take my car into a local body shop to get an estimate to fix the faulty paint issue that 1000’s of White Honda’s are experiencing. The estimate was for $2999. I have been working with Honda headquarters on this since September 2019. Multiple calls and no answers. Meanwhile the paint is getting worse and it is now winter and it has rained several times.

I finally found out today from my local Honda dealer that Honda Corp is offering to cover 50% of the costs to fix the paint. What Honda is essence telling me is that it is OK if the paint on their vehicles peels off after 5 years, they will just blame some of it on their customer??? Why would I every buy a Honda vehicle again? I have been a loyal Honda owner for many years and this has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth and if they do not step up and make things right, I will have to discourage anyone from buying a Honda due to the lack of supporting and honoring their workmanship. They know it and the entire internet knows that Honda has a problem with the White paint of many Honda vehicles. The White paint and clearcoat where not applied properly or prepped properly at production. I am hopeful Honda will do the right thing and take care of this issue in a timely manner and accept full responsibility for their error in workmanship.

Given that this car is out of warranty, I suggest taking the 50% offer.


I know how you feel. The paint on my 1998 Honda Civic looks terrible, and I have had zero luck convincing Honda to repaint the car for free.


…but seriously. Honda and Toyota have really backed themselves into a corner. By setting customer expectations so high, they have attracted customers whose expectations are so unrealistic that they expect a free paint job on a 5½ year-old car.

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And how do you know that environmental reasons are not the cause of the paint failure?