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The rear window behind the driver’s side just fell in and will not raise up. As I could not repair myself, what is the process and cost?

Auto Body . . . That’s It! I’d Go To An Auto Body Shop (Collision Shop) Or An Auto Glass Shop And Ask Them That Question.
They Could Easily / Reasonably Remove The Trim Panel And Give You A Proper Estimate. Call for an appointemnt and an idea of what they would charge to get started.

The inner door panel must come off before any further diagnosis can be made. You may need a new regulator, which will serve as the top estimate. Of course, you may get lucky and simply need an adjustment. But you can’t tell at this point. Speak to a mechanic or a body shop.

thanks to all

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Is this a 2-door or a 4-door car?

4 door. Any suggestions besides taping the window up, if it costs too much to repair

It is likely that the regulator broke. What year is your car? Older ones appear to use a cable system, while newer ones seem to use a scissors system.