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P0705 neutral safety switch

I have a 2007 civic hybrid and the D light has been blinking. It would be solid sometimes, but now it is always blinking. There is only one code p0705. Everything I have read tells me its the neutral safety switch. I have changed it twice just in case i had a faulty one. The light is still blinking. It slightly effects the performance, mostly it is just irritating. I dont want to have to take it in because it seems like it should be an easy fix. Any suggestions?

That code isn’t for the neutral safety switch. It is for the transmission range sensor (TRS). You car may use the same sensor for both functions, don’t know. But if you replaced a part called “neutral safety switch”, that’s not what the code is saying . the TRS is what the computer uses to tell which gear position the driver has selected. The safety switch tells the computer only that P or N is selected. I wouldn’t expect a failed neutral safety switch to cause a blinking D light.


Thanks for your reply. As far as I can tell online they are a combined part. On rockauto it even calls it neutral safety switch/transmission range sensor. I am going to multimeter the wire and harness today to see if is maybe a short or bad ground.

I think you are right. From what I can tell here, the transmission range switch is the same part as the neutral safety switch on your car. Just to make things as difficult as possible for the diy’er, depending on where in the service data I look it’s called three different things: transmission range switch, transmission position sensor/switch, and neutral safety switch … lol ., ah well, that’s car repair by the seat of your pants for you.

Might want to check to see if the range switch matches the purported continuity spec

park 2-6
reverse 1-2
N 2-5
D 1-3-8
S 1-7-8
L 2-4

Problem could be w/the shaft that moves the switch too. The width spec is 6.1-6.2 mm, end gap 1.8-2.0 mm. Best of luck.

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That makes sense, I will check it this weekend and let you know what comes up. thanks!