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Flashing D light Honda crv 2004 lx

HI everyone,

I am experiencing a transmission (automatic) problem for the past 7 months. To be more precise my car have been moving from repair shop to repair shop for the past 7 months. My car was scanned, this error code pop out : P0845. This error code refers to a failing transmission pressure switch. They changed the switch. The D light stop flashing but the car became heavy and stop moving when you connect the switch. When you disconnect it, the transmission work normally, the car shift normally but the D light starts flashing again.

Can someone help?

That code is not for a failing pressure switch, it means that the pressure read by the switch does not match the expected parameters. In other words, it is like the oil light on your dash. If your oil light comes on, it does not mean that the oil pressure switch has failed, it means that is is reading low oil pressure. It could be the switch, but more likely something else is wrong. You may need a new valve body, fluid pump or worse.