P025c and P0238 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI (CBFA engine, 6 speed manual)

Hey Cartalk Community, hope y’all been well.

So I replaced my clutch earlier today, everything went smooth. Fired up the ride drove it around the block a few times to make sure everything was good. Everything cleared after about 5 minutes no problem. Shut the car off, cleaned up and maybe 20 or 30 minutes later I turned the car on again and there was a CEL and it was pulling those two codes.

The first one is P025c, something to do with low circuit to the Fuel Pump.

The second one is P0238, says “surge to the Turbocharger”.

I tried clearing the codes letting the car sit and seeing if that helped. Nothing happened.

I’m lost on both of these, I did some reading on some of the Vortex forums, but everybody in that was able to just clear out the P025c and every thread regarding the P0238 was a dead end. No real help. So anybody on here have some useful information? Maybe a sensor I bumped? I tried making sure everything was plugged in that was relevant to what I worked on. I missed one of the MAF sensors, I plugged that in and that didn’t help clear anything.

Did you have to disconnect any exhaust plumbing to get the clutch replaced? If so, an exhaust leak can cause these codes. How about intake to the MAF? Any cracks or loose?

I’d focus on the fuel pump control module first. Once you fix that, it is quite possible the turbo problem will go away. The p025c seems to imply one of the inputs to the module is low (presumable a low voltage) but shouldn’t be. At least not all the time. I’d guess that a wire got pinched somewhere, or a connector has come loose. A bad ground connection could cause something like this too. Make sure all the grounds have been put back into place, and no corrosion at the contact points. It’s possible these codes will go away on their own too, after driving the car a few days. It displays no other symptoms, right?

Here’s a link to somebody who replaced a transmission mount and got the same problem.

Edit: You should of course look up the schematic to the fuel pump control module and list out all of its inputs.