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My 05 PT Cruiser is Mad at me

My 2005 PT Cruiser Limited 2.4 Turbo bucks under acceleration and had displayed the codes for a bad Map Sensor, Throttle Positioning Sensor and Oxygen Sensor. I replaced both Oxygen Sensors, Map Sensor and the TPS. Each time I replaced a sensor and took it out for a test drive it ran great. The next day my wife is on her way to work and I am on the phone with her, she accelerates to get on the freeway and the bucking is back. The codes it displays now are P2074, P1697 & P0038. All the previous codes except P0038 disappeared when I disconnected the ground cable for 15 minutes after the repair. I start the car every morning for her and run the heater for 15 minutes as it is in the 30’s here in the morning and so I replicate that before I take it on a test drive after completing a repair so the conditions are the same. Help Tappet Brothers !!!

The code indicates that the resistance of the heater circuit for one of the O2 sensors is high. Since you already replaced the O2 sensors, you could have a bad connection in one of the plugs.