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im the same guy who started the idling problems. ive had the spark plugs, spark plug wires, knock sensor, air filter, valve cover gaskets and grommets replaced. it has no mosre codes coming up however it still surges when idling and when accelerating. any suggestions

Possible intake air (vacuum) fault, faulty fuel pump, Idle Air Control system faulty or emissions fault.

Run a bottle of fuel system cleaner in a full tank of gas.
Chevron with Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner is one that I have used with very positive results.

Lots of people also use SeaFoam.

If you run it through the fuel system the normal way, it will clean up everything from the fuel filter through the injectors/carbs, intake runners, intake valves, combustion chamber, piston crown, upper piston rings, and exhaust valve and port.

Once this is all cleaned out, you should note much better characteristics.


ok…after bout a day and a half of driving these codes popped back up. p0325 and then all the code for misfires p0301-p0304. ive replaced the pcv valve and that hasnt helped. some one told me it could be my fuel filter. so i guess ill take Bladecutters advice and get back to you guys. and thanks for all the help so far guys.

well, still nothing. im getting it looked at on friday. post the results after.

ok. major problem. everything got fixed and then my transmission, i guess, locked up. its in nuetral and wont go into any gear what so ever. clutch is still good and so is the fluid. is it possible that its just a piece that broke off in it and i just have to take it out. or is it something worse.