2012 Chevy Cruze turbo and catalytic converter bad again?

I’m in need of some advice for my Chevy Cruze.

Bought it less than 6 months ago. The turbo and catalytic converter were replaced at 138K miles before I bought it.

Now at 148K miles, I’m getting the following engine codes: P0420, P0101, P0299, and P1101.
The dealership says the turbo and catalytic converter need to be replaced again, the intake check valve is missing, and the PCV valve is faulty.

Is it possible for the turbo and cat to be going out again so soon, or could something else be going on??

With those faults, I would first inspect for air leaks in the intake and inter cooler plumbing.


I’d also take the car to a local, independent shop for another opinion.

There’s no reason to take a 2012 car with 148K miles to the dealer.

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I recently had the timing chain replaced at the dealership and wanted to see if the error codes were related to something they did not put back together properly.

I’ll take it for another look at a local shop. Maybe the repair and codes are still related, but I’m definitely not paying the $4000 the dealership is asking.

Thanks for the advice.

Is it burning oil through turbo seals or something else? If using a lot of oil, that can foul a cat real quick.

Also, if the mix is too rich or lean due to an air leak or improper work in the past, that can cause a cat to run too hot.

Ask the mechanics at your shop if they’re interesting in buying your Cruze-turbo. One of them might be looking for a used car, and would be able fix it themselves in their spare time at the shop. Otherwise this problem looks like a big money-pit to me.

The cam cover and cam shaft solenoid valves were leaking and we had those fixed a few hundred miles ago, but since then have not noticed any other oil leaks.

It would be burning it, not leaking it. Is the level going down or not? If not, it likely isn’t burning oil either. Here is why this matters. What Causes a Catalytic Converter to Fail | Walker Exhaust Systems

Honestly haven’t driven it enough yet to know if it’s burning oil but I will keep an eye on the oil level.

Car is going to an independent shop this morning to check for air leaks also so we will see.

Thanks for the advice.

I would advise you to monitor the oil level frequently. The fact that the engine needed to have both the timing chain and the turbocharger replaced is a hint that it may not have been properly maintained by the previous owner(s), so you should be on the alert for lubrication issues.