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Owner's manuals

My next door neighbor’s son, who is 17, just completed a trade - his 1988 Datsun 240SX for a 2004 BMW 3 series. He said the seller told him there was an owner’s manual for the BMW but of course there wasn’t. I did a quick internet search and located this URL:

For his BMW they go back to 2004. You can get the owner’s manual 3 different ways: download ($4.00), DVD (no price listed) or printed in large print and put in a binder ($15.00). They say they have next day shipping. This might be a good resource.

If they are selling it on DVD and reprinted, it is likely a pirated copy. He might be better off just buying the shop manual for the car. It will have much of the same information regarding maintenance.

Has lots of manuals and they are all free to download.

1 Like has some bitter customers.

Thank you all for your responses. I’ve given him the link to and advised him of your reservations. BTW, this should probably have been posted originally in the general discussion area, as at this time he is more interested in the information contained in the owner’s manual. If so, I apologize.

Have you tried the BMW web site? I’ve downloaded owners manuals from various makers web sites.

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Looks like you can, it’s at the tip right of the main screen called My Bmw

Thank you, gentlemen. I once again proved my ability to overlook the obvious. At the bottom of the BMW-USA homepage is a link to owner’s manuals. You can input your VIN and download a vehicle specific manual.