Overhead console question for 1989 Chrysler Lebaron

Hello, I have an ’ 89 Chrysler Lebaron coupe in very good condition. The car has an overhead console which is digital. It shows the compass and outside temperature. The compass works fine, but the outside temperature is always way off, normally about 30-40 degrees higher than it should be. I was told that the “thermometer” for that is located somewhere behind the grille. I am unable to locate it and am unaware of what it looks like. Autopart stores in my area don’t seem to have a listing for this part. Most of these cars were convertibles, so only the higher end coupes had this option, I’m told. Can anyone steer me in the right direction on where to find this on the car and to find a replacement part? Thanks in advance, John in PA

Those sensors are normally a little black plastic box or cone with a two wire harness going to it, mounted between the grille and radiator. Many people who are not “in the know” of what it is mistake them for crash sensors for the airbag. Anything airbag related will have yellow wiring harnesses and conduit.

The ambient air temp sensor seems to be located on the left front bumper support. Take a look-see in that area. It may have 2 wires, black & violet, going to it. There should be a connector near the rear of the left front bumper support. You should be able to follow those wires to a connector to the right of the glove box.

It may look something like this.


Thank you guys, you’re the best!!