Forester ambient temperature sensor

The ambient temperature sensor in our 2004 Forester isn’t working correctly. On startup in a cool garage (40+F) it’ll read 95 to 100. If it’s really cold out when driving it might go down to 90. It could go to 106 or so if not too cold.

Questions: Where exactly is it? Can I tell what’s wrong with it? Can I replace it?

That’s not something we’ve had a problem with on any Subarus we service. You being in CT, I would suspect corrosion in the connector for the sensor. That would increase the resistance in the circuit, thereby altering your measurement. I will be in my shop tomorrow and post where it’s located if I can verify it. most cars have them mounted in the front air stream behind the front bumper or a brake cooling duct. Usually it pops into a small round hole, has two wires going to it, and a long skinny probe maybe 1 1/2 inches long.