Venture 2000

The overhead temp and direction information always has the wrong temp. How can I repair it.

Are you saying that it always reads high? Or low? Or it is erratic?

Open your hood and look on the left hand side (while facing the car - passenger’s side) right up front just behind the bumper. There is a little black plastic thing tacked to the side. That is the ambient air temp sensor. If it is there and looks intact then you need to start inspecting the wiring and/or worrying about the console itself. Replacing that sensor is easy.

Have a look at this:

The electronic compass error may just be a “zone” misconfiguration, this is going to be a “check your owners manual” for the correct zone to put in and the processs to do it. Then you calibrate by driving in a circle 3 times

Could it be set for Celsius?