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Chrysler Intrepid 2002

Hi I have a 2002 Chrysler intrepid R/T with a compass displaying the outside temperature and directions. I was wondering where the outside temperature sensor is located because for the past couple days, the compass displays about 9 degrees more than the actual outside temperature !!! I think the sensor might be covered with snow. So could someone please tell me where the heck the outside temperature sensor is located !!! Thanks, Pat

They are often not too accurate and there can easily be 9 degrees difference in temperature from place to place. What is your “standard” that you are comparing it to?

For example the road may be warmer than the air over your lawn just a few feet away.

If you ride a motorcycle you would be well aware of those differences. A typical example happens when crossing a bridge. It is often cooler (sometimes warmer) down by the water than on the road on either side. A road along the river will be cooler or warmer than a road just a few hundred yards away.

The sensor is probably located behind your front bumper, but this is just a guess, based on its placement in other models.

Thanks a million for your answer. My standard of comparison is the “posters” dispalying the temperature (you know, the ones where the hour and temperature are written on them). And I understand your point but the temp. difference has never been that big. I don’t know… Thanks for your time, Pat

Thanks !!! I’ll take a look, Pat