Where is my thermometer?

I have a 1997 SAAB 9000 with a dashboard display of the outside temperature. The problem is, I often doubt the temperature that it shows. Where is the senser? I suspect that it must be down by the pavement, which would explain why it shows well over 100 on days that are not especially hot.


If it is supposed to give you the surface temperature, it is probably on the inside of the front bumper.

There is also a chance that you can live without a thermometer. Maybe get a stick on one for the outside rear view mirror. Some cars used to have them.

Likely yes. That is where you want it. The most important function of that thermometer is to let you know it is getting near 32?F 0?C at the pavement.

its usually in the front grill

Normally somewhere in the front grill area, but out of direct sunlight and out of line-of sight with the radiator and the ground (both of which radiate IR). If you have air tunnels that direct a stream of air from the below the front bumper directly onto the front brakes, or a tube that feeds air from the top of the grill directly to the alternator, you might find the temperature sensor in one of those tunnels.