Over heating

My car has been over heating for a while. I have changed the fans and re wired it my self with my brother, but now that its getting warm out side and it gets over 210 some times but than some days it stays at 200
alot of the time when I am stopped it will start heating up quick. What’s going on with my car???

You don’t give the year, make or model of your ride so we can’t really give you a good answer on this. However…where did you ever get the idea that 200-210 was overheating? Most new cars operate in the 200-210 range. I would suggest that you take your vehicle to a good independent mechanic and have your engine temperature checked with a reliable/calibrated gauge. The OEM temperature gauge in your vehicle is anything but reliable.

Some cooling systems normally operate in the 195-220 degree range. What vehicle do you own?

210F Doesn’t Sound Too Bad, Especially If You Are Using Information Provided By The Car’s Temp Gauge.

Are you using the 210 reading to decide that the car is overheating?
Did you replace the fans to solve the suspected overheating or because you checked and they were not working?
Did the replacement fans work correctly when tested?

Any other indication of overheating… warning light, steam, coolant loss, etcetera?


Pontiac grand am 2001

New at this. Mine stays at 200 usally its now wanting to go to 210 or maybe its higher.

People here (not me) are very good at diagnosing problems. They ask these questions to help you. So please answer the questions above.


Why do you think it is over heating? What symptoms do you have? If you answer common sense answer’s questions we can have more info to help you with. But from what I can see your car is not overheating and cannot understand why you worked on the fan.

Those are normal operating temperatures.

The thermostat for the engine is OEM rated at 195 degrees.

The engine is overheating when the needle on the temp gauge goes into the red zone.


When you are stopped and idling, there is no airflow through the radiator so the coolant tends to get hotter. Above a preset temperature, usually somewhere between 205 and 210, the fan kicks on to get airflow through the radiator and cool things down.

You replaced the fan, but are you sure the fan wasn’t working? One way to check is to turn on your AC. The fan should always come on anytime the AC is turned on. If it works with the AC on and it does not come on when the engine temp gets up to around 210, then the ECTS (engine coolant temperature sensor) may be bad. Your engine may have two of these, one for the computer and the dashboard gauge and another just to control the fan.

There is also a series of relays and one of those could be bad. You really need a factory service manual or a vehicle wiring diagram to effectively troubleshoot these.

Anyway, next time you see the temp rising, if it doesn’t start going down on its own, turn on the AC and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help, turning on the cars heater to high with the blower on high can cool down the engine, but thats not real comfortable in the middle of summer.

210 is not overheating (unless it’s centigrade {:smiley: ) but if it helps you sleep better you should flush out the cooling system with a garden hose and refill it with fresh coolant mix. You’re due for a scheduled coolant change anyway.

NOTE: do NOT allow the coolant to flow onto the ground or into any drains. It’s highly toxic and animals love it.