Peugeot 206 engine heat is reaching 100 degree's

Hello everyone,
I have a Peugeot 206 2003 1.4l manual and the engine heat is reaching to 100 degree’s and only then the fan is starting to work.
It doesn’t get higher than 100 but still it supposed to be in the middle(90) no?
a garage told me that maybe this engine is supposed to be like that. But is it?

This is a US based forum, so what you call 100 degrees ,we would call 212 degrees. Your car is overheating, find out why. We have not had Peugeot in the US for many years.

The last Peugeot I saw was my daughters bicycle and that is more than 30 years old.


I’m sorry, I meant celsius. Yes basically is 212 degrees.
I cant find out why that’s the thing… I have cleaned the entire collant system and it still the same.

That is normal in the United States, should be normal in Europe.

Typical cooling system operation, (in Fahrenheit) the engine thermostat opens at 195 degrees, the radiator fans are switched on when needed at 210 degrees, if the vehicle is traveling at speed the fan operation may be delayed until a higher temperature. Some vehicles will not switch on the radiator fan until 220 degrees. Some engines have a thermostat opening temperature of 203 degrees.


I’ve worked on a few Peugeots in the past but that was a long time ago.
Question first. Does this overheating occur at idle only, during highway use, or both?

Normal operating temperatures are from 90 to 110 Celsius, overheating is temperatures above 120 Celsius.

Oh ok, i understand now.
It doesnt matter how much i drive its just standing at 212 degrees. Even at idle.
But it never goes above that.

Sounds normal to me. What does your owners manual say?

It actually says between 90 and 100 celsius.
I checked now. didn’t know its says it there…

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Different manufactures have different operating temperatures. My 2005 Town and Country operates at 212 degrees F. normally. I agree with @Nevada_545 this sounds normal to me. The best thing to do is find out what normal is. That information is probably available through your dealer. If the temps are out of specified range (which I doubt they are) the way to correct it would be a new thermostat as you have done everything else already.

Then you are good to go. Modern engines run a little bit hotter for better fuel economy.

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Seems like normal , expected operation to me also.

OP, have you noticed the car’s cooling system is actually behaving differently than before?

I replaced the thermostat as well, it wasnt expensive anyways so i did it. (nothing changed tho)
the cooling system is behaving the same as it did before I assume. i have the car for only 2 months, probably didnt notice that before.
anyways it is probably ok as all of you say.
thank you guys, I appriciate your help :slight_smile:

Guess I’m at odds here but there are questions in my mind.
Specs on a new fan sensor show cut off points of 92 and 97 degrees C. If 100 C is said to be normal this means the fan would cycle on and never shut off.

If the car is sitting there idling and the fan never cycles on and off I would wonder why. (Any A/C influence not factored in.)

if it reaches 100 the fan will start working and it will go down to 95 - 97ish. i have noticed that on idle of course, while driving I have no idea whats going on with the fan.

How are you measuring temperature? If you are going by the gauge in the instrument panel, you are attributing it with greater accuracy than it likely has.