Is it over heating?

Every time I stop at a red light or sit in the car while it idels the temp guage goes up all the way, but as soon as I start to drive the guage goes right back down to where it needs to be. I took the car to a mechanic and he said he hooked the CHRY PACIFICA up to the computer and it said that I neede to change the sensor for the thermustat 200 some odd dollars later they change the part but the engine light is still on and the car still tells me that its overheating when its idle…is it reall over heating if not is it safe to not repair it, please help!!!

Yes, it’s really overheating. And your symptoms are typical of an inoperative fan (bad fan, temp sensor FOR THE FAN, NOT THE GAGE, or fan relay).

You need a new mechanic.


Sounds to me like the radiator cooling fans are not working. When you’re driving there is air moving through the radiator. When you’re sitting still the fans are supposed to move air through the radiator. Yours are not.