I own a 2001 crown vic new radiator new thermostat just replaced intake manifold cooling fans working car overheats when not driving just standing waiting to pickup people. It overheats then it’s fine for the rest of the day maybe 2 then overheats again.

First when you say it “overheats” exactly what happens to cause you to say that?

Second, when it is overheating, are the radiator fan(s) on? What happens when you turn on the A/C? Was it turned on anytime it overheated? The car if about 7 years old. How many times has the coolant been replaced? Does the heat work well?

Carefully, touch both the top and bottom radiator hoses; are they both hot, one hotter than the other?

when overheating the coolant comes out totally. Ac off heat off Heat works fine Replaced water pump in november 2007 The cooling fan is working Seems to leak out on passenger side

I would like to help you; but, I have a language problem. Let a mechanic LOOK at it.

I suggest having a local mechanic take a look at it. I have a bad feeling about a head gasket, but frankly from what you describe, no one thing fits. You have parts of head gasket, water pump cooling fan and I would not rule out a bad radiator or hose.

what you describe sounds like an inoperative radiator fan.

you mention that the cooling fans work. how have you checked that? the fans work on a thermostat switch in front of the engine. i am sorry i don’t know exactly where it is on your car, but that switch could be going.

why not take this to a radiator shop. they could diagnose this in an hour or less i would guess.

This is a two-speed fan. The earliest electric fan only models had problems with the connectors to the fan. (Before this there were models first with all mechanical fan, of course. After that there were models with combo one mechanical and one electric.) Yours definitely has a two-speed all-electric fan. I know for a fact that these started in ?98 or before. What I am not sure about is whether yours has the revised connector that has less tendency to burn out.

Check the connector, see if it will operate at both speeds. Ford Modular motors have very few problems with head gaskets. That would be low on my list.