Over filled transmission

How best to remove excess transmission fluid from a 1995 GMC Jimmy?

First, I don’t know if the Jimmy has one but some cars have an drain plug for the tranny. It will be a bit messy, but you could loosen it until it starts leaking out, tighten it back up and then recheck the fluid.

Another option is to suck some up out of the dipstick tube. There are little pump kits you could buy for that, but you can probably rig any kind of little hand pump. You could also ask a shop if they can do it since many might have the means to pump fluids out of the dipstick.

Either way, check carefully after you’re done.

I suppose a third option would be to put the car up on ramps or on an incline, then loosen the pan bolts such that one corner or the back of the pan ends up dropping down somewhat. It will be messy most likely, but will let fluid out. If you’re careful, you will have some degree of control over how much gets let out. Get an oversized drain pan and keep your face and any clothing you care about out of the stream! Perhaps a good time to just pull the pan, change the filter, and do a full fluid change? Or is this what got you into trouble? Good luck.

I had a long plastic tube and siphoned it out through the dipstick tube. Do it cold. I ran the tube right over the grill and down to the ground.