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Transmission overfilled

Woops. I have too much transmission fluid in. The reading is 2 inches above the fill line for the cold reading. I haven’t run it so it hasn’t foamed. What is the most practical way to remove some fluid. My repair book doesn’t only states not to do this but nothing about what to do when the mistake has been committed (Haynes) Do I have to unbolt the pan? That seems like so much trouble after I just got the tranny back from the mechanic and it is all nicely sealed up. Could I syphon it out through the fill pipe with about a 1/4 to 3/8" I.D. hose?

You can use a suction gun such as this and then run the hose down the dipstick tube to remove the excess fluid.


OK, I’m about 60 miles from the nearest HF store and hoping to figure out a solution soon. I’m wondering if I could simply use six or seven feet of airline tubing from an old aquarium and lie on the floor and suck the end of the line to develop a gravity feed to drain a bit of the fluid. I’ll try it tonight and post the results.

Your skull would cave in first before you pulled enough vacuum to draw a fluid that viscous. Any parts stores nearby? They sell these.


the fluid is checked on this truck with the engine running in park. if it sat overnight and you try to check it, it will show a high llevel. don’t worry, running the car for a short period with too much fluid will not likely hurt it. and make sure it’s parked on a level surface to get an accurate reading.

If you have thin plastic tubing you can even siphon it out through the dipstick hole. There is one for siphoning gasoline that worked for me. Youy can loosen the pan if you want but there’s not much control that way.

Loosen cooler line at radiator, run motor. Drizzle out fluid into pan under car. Hose off radiator when done

The airline tubing works, slowly, about like an I.V. drip on a hospital patient. Even with the front end up on jack stands the drop from the transmission to the bottle on the floor is only about one foot. It would probably run faster if it were warmer than 25 f. I’ve retrieved one quart in twelve hours.

I did look at disconnecting the line at the radiator but it is so close to the level of the transmission that I figured it wouldn’t flow very well. So then I did disconnect the same line at the transmission (the lower one of the two) and I got all of two drops out, then nothing.

Parajimbo, PLEASE ANSWER THIS. Are you checking the fluid level with the engine running?

WARM and running…If you feel you MUST remove fluid, a $2 turkey baster available in any supermarket will greatly speed up the process…