Transmission overfill... Help!

Hey guys, I need help!! :frowning: I have a Toyota Camry LE 4v 2003 and I had a spill, so I got it fixed and refilled the transmission oil… I massively overfilled it and learned that can become an issue.

I tried using the syringe method to fix it, but when I put the hose in, it gets to a point where the hose doesn’t move any further… and when I try to extract, nothing but air comes out.

Has anyone experienced this? is there any way to deal with this besides lifting the car up and getting underneath to remove some transmission oil via the plug?



Luckily, Toyota’s (at least the older ones) generally have a drain plug on the transmission pan. Many makes do not have a drain plug on the transmission. Any idea how much it’s overfilled and are you sure you’re checking the level correctly (engine running, transmission has had a chance to shift through all gears, etc)?

If it’s definitely overfilled, you can take one of the transmission cooler lines off the radiator and let the transmission pump out some fluid. But I’d rather pull the transmission plug, I think.

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It might be possible to remove the drain plug w/out lifting the vehicle higher off the ground, if the lifting part is the show stopper. I’d be able to drain the engine oil from my Corolla without lifting it, if I had too.

Given what you are posting OP, it seems the logical approach here is to take it to a shop and ask them to drain some of the trans fluid out. Is there some reason you aren’t doing that? Is it b/c you aren’t able to drive it to the shop b/c of the overfill?

Loosen 1 cooler line at radiator and idle motor. Fluid might come out.