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Transmission Problem

I have a 1996 Monte Carlo with an automatic transmission, which was working fine until recently. Now the car won’t shift beyond 2nd gear or into reverse. Upon researching with the driver (my son)I found the car started leaking oil but was mistook for transmission fluid and an extra quart or two of transmission fluid was added. Could the extra transmission fluid be the problem? If so, how do you get it out, I can’t find a drain plug for the trans.

if there is no drain plug, these days they want you to take off the transmission oil pan and while your there, they want you to change the filter and the oil??? you didn"t say how many miles on the trans. i can"t say whether extra oil will do what you say is happening, but i don"t think it would be that severe??? did you let the car warm up properly & then ck. to see on the dip stick how over full it really is ?

I checked the trans. fluid level, it is definetly overfilled. Let it idle for about 10 minutes.

i would drain the oil and see if it helps. but make sure the parts store has the trans kit you need to replace the oil pan gasket and while your there also the oil screen. no promises it will do the trick? Years ago i took my van out to a hockey game, came home, everything was fine, no indication of any problem—the next day got in van put it in gear nothing back or forward i put in a rebuilt trans myself? the FRONT pump failed. I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK AND A MERRY X-MAS

Thanks, I’ll need both and same to you and yours.

Too much is not good so take this as an opportunity to change the fluid that is likely older than it should be. Hopefully that will relieve the problem. Let us know.

Yes, the extra fluid is the problem. If the transmission has a modulator valve, remove it. The extra fluid will splash out. Reinstall and drive. Check fluid level. OR: loosen pan bolts and drain some fluid out. Check the fluid hot to avoid overfilling.