Over 100 miles per gallon?


Does this add-on make sense to get more gas mileage? http://www…/index.htm


Would someone please make this garbage barrage stop???


No. It’s a scam.


If I saw one of those crappy scams, I’d say " This is my boomstick!" then shoot it with my double-barreled Remington, S-Mart’s top of the line, that you can find in the Sporting Goods department, that retails for about $109.95, walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That’s right, shop smart, shop S-Mart. You got that?!


Yes, you should definitely buy one. No, make that two! That way you should be able to achieve at least 200 miles per gallon.

Seriously–Are you really that gullible, or are you pimping this ridiculous scam?


For the fools who buy a PICC the disappointment rate is 100%.


Have you noticed that all this post are by first time posters who fail to fill out anything on their profile. I wonder, is that a indication of a shill?


Scam, Scam, Scam and more Scam.


This can’t be for real. Where’s the water? ;’)


Or Magnets!!


Or adding grapefruit juice to the tank.