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PICC? 100+mpg? I'm assuming this is a hoax...thoughts?

Hey guys,

So I was reading a Popular Mechanics magazine the other day and ran across an ad for a product that is supposedly cutting edge technology and will increase fuel economy to astonishing rates. Their website has videos of the products explaining how they work - I was hoping to get some educated thoughts on this…

Here’s a thought: It doesn’t work. Here’s another thought: Your post is a perfect example of spam. Here’s another thought: Go away.

Yikes. I was just trying to find out if anyone knew anything about this - not to make anyone mad. I thought it would be a hoax, but I’ve always liked PM and I was surprised to see it in their magazine.

The reason why it’s being called spam here is because lately there has been a non-stop deluge of posts (and links make it look even worse) about these scams. To be honest, it becomes very tiresome.
You’re also asking for “educated thoughts” on this hoax. No one here is stupid enough to fall for it.

Popular Mechanics tested a number of these scams several years ago, called them what they are (hoaxes) and even stated in their own article that one can expect to see ads in the back of their magazine in the future about these gimmicks.
Seems a bit hypocritical of PM to take advertising dollars for scam products but gas saving hoaxes are not the only bogus things they advertise.

One should never buy into anything advertised in the back of a magazine anyway.