Outsside rear view mirror

What do the squiggly lines on the outside rear view mirror mean?

It is a heated mirror, the mirror heaters will operate when the rear window defogger is on.

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Attach a picture of them. And tell us what make, model, and year of car. These aren’t universal. On one car i had, they illuminated orange to inform me the outside temperature was below 40 degrees, and roads could be slippery,

Yes, I would like to see a picture. Are they on both the driver side and passenger side mirrors?
I would think if for a heated mirror the line would be straight.

Have you looked in the owners manual of this mystery year Corolla ?

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This is what a Toyota Corolla mirror looks like;

… and that is the symbol for a heated mirror on every car make with which I am familiar.
As was already suggested, the OP can confirm this info by perusing his Owner’s Manual.

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Hmm, could mean ‘this side up’, I couldn’t resist.


You beat me to it.

It’s on a 2015 Corolla

unless he is talking about something like this.

I think Wally has had this vehicle since at least 2019 and he has just now noticed the heated mirror symbol . I wonder if he will return to verify that is what he is asking about.

Yes I returned and appreciated the replies.

Is it for heated mirrors and do you have them ?

Returned and verified nothing.

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