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1996 Taurus Side View Mirror Replacement

Can I replace a non-heated passenger side view mirror with a heated one?

Sure, but unless you are willing to do all the needed wiring so that it comes on and turns off when it is supposed to. (i don’t know how Ford ties these into the defroster circuit) You will just have a non heated mirror.

You’d almost need to get a service manual with the wiring schematic and also the section that shows the wiring harness layouts with the connectors. Often the wiring will be in the door panel but how it turns on is another question. So I’d start with the schematics and take the door panel off to check whats there.

If the driver side rear view mirror is heated the passenger side rear view mirror is also heated.

It could be that the heating element in passenger side view mirror is burnt out, or the mirror was replaced with a non-heated unit in the past.


If your current mirror is supposed to be heated it will have the little symbol on the glass that looks like a heated coil. No symbol, then it’s not supposed to be heated. That said, you can replace an unheated mirror (which I think is your situation) with one that will heat if power is supplied to it, but getting the power there will the trick.

I “need input”, as #5 would have said.
Are you trying to accomplish a heated mirror where none now exists, or simply want to replace a broken unheated mirror with a boneyard piece and want to know if it’ll fit?

I’m also wondering if anyone here knows if the wiring harness is designed to accommodate both unheated and heated mirrors, with heated mirrors having been an option, and the pins left unused if the buyer didn’t select that option. Often, infrastructure such as wiring harnesses and ducting, are designed to accommodate all the options and installing them only takes a fuse and some plug in/bolt on componentry. I’ve often found this to be the case. Just this past year I installed running lights, and the factory wiring harness was all set up to accommodate them.