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2004 Silverado Heated Mirrors Don't Work

The heaters/defrosters in both side mirrors on my 2500HD have stopped working. It’s now been snowing for over 48 hours and I need to get them working again!

The rear window defogger still works and I’m assuming that they work off the same fuse but if anyone can confirm that I’d appreciate it.

Is there something that I can check my self on this?

The nearby dealer is completely clueless on all matters electrical (they didn’t know that trailers lights were on separate fuses) and the local repair shop that I’ve tried out replaced the signal switch when I only had a bad bulb—so…trying to be well informed here.



The owner’s manual should have information about fuses. Don’t assume anything. Read the manual and check the fuse for the mirrors.

The GM Truck Club covered this question very recently. It seems the mirrors or the mirror wiring connectors are not durable. If you read the entire thread in the link, you’ll get the idea that you’ll want to buy good replacement mirror glass as opposed to complete mirror assemblies.

Good luck.

Thanks for the link, I’ll follow up on that. I wonder if they fail from use (moderate winter use) or folding them in (less then 5 times in 5 years)?

Owners manual only shows a rear window defogger fuse, nothing specified for the mirror heaters. I don’t like to assume either, but they share a on/off switch --hence the shared fuse assumption.


I can say if the heated mirrors you have work the same as my '00 Olds Silhouette heated mirrors do, but mine work together on the same switch as the rear window defroster.