Heated Side View Mirrors

Any one has an idea how involved is retrofitting seated side view mirrors on a vehicle that doesnt come equipped with this option.

Vehicle Information:

Ford Mustang GT Coupe.

Too much, IMO

First, you need to determine if anyone makes an aftermarket heated mirror for you car. Maybe the dealer has such an item, maybe not. Then it becomes a matter of removing the old and installing the new. I’ve replaced enough such mirrors to tell you the job is a pain but not high-tech. I can also tell you I’ve never once wished I owned a heated side view mirror. Do you really need them?

If this was an option on your GT, it might be easier because you can get mirrors that go right on and some of the wires MIGHT be there. In addition, if it was an option, I guarantee someone has done it. You will find these people on a Mustang board.

I can also tell you I’ve never once wished I owned a heated side view mirror. Do you really need them?

My 98 Pathfinder has them…my new 4runner doesn’t. I really miss them. Are they necessary…NO…are they a nice feature…YES.

This might be a little hairbrained, but they do sell cut-to-fit universal rear-window defrosters that basically glue on. You could probably trim one of these into two small mirror-sized patches-- it might be hard to make the wiring look nice, and you’d have the lines going through, but I bet it could be done.

Where do you live SteveF? Scrapping mirrors covered in ice is not pleasant. For the last 4 of 7 days part or all of one or both my mirrors has been covered in ice on my WRX. Thankfully my wife’s Legacy GT has that nice feature.

By way of example if you buy a car new that has fog lights as an option, but you decline them and later wish you had gotten them, a lot of times the dealer can put them on- just like the original option- wiring is already there, etc. So, ask dealer. If not, there’s gotta be an aftermarket solution- if you look hard enough. I think they’re really worth it- you don’t have to live in Minnesota to have freezing rain.

Thanks, I will ask the dealer in our small town. He might be able to find out. I could not see heated mirrors as an option on 05 or later Mustang GT online, wont hurt to ask though.

Here is a link to a mirror swap on a Crown Vic. If you can get factory heated mirrors for your car, it might give you an idea what is involved. This guy maintains a great site. Documentation of his projects takes a lot of time, but makes it a great service.


I would not recommend this. Those rear window stick-on defrosters are meant to provide a small load to the 12V system. Cutting them down to the size of a mirror would shorten the heating element and increase the current draw a lot. It would defrost the mirrors really quick, but might set your wiring harness on fire in the process.

So you scrap perfectly good mirrors because they’re covered in ice? Or did you mean “scraping” the mirrors?

Sorry, Andrew, I’m not a spelling bee champ, just a harmless kidder.

That’s true. Instead of trimming it, you could probably fold it over on itself and maintain the original heating element length, making it even uglier!