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Outside mirror always amber tinted and double image

My drivers side mirror on my 2001 Dodge Durango SLT has an amber tint all the time and the image is always like being astigmatic. Suspect I need a new mirror.

Anyone ever run into this?

You have heated mirrors, don’t you? The heating portion I’m sure has failed. You need a new mirror.

Yes, I do have heated mirrors.
I’ll turn on the feature and see if it works.

Perhaps something is distorting your vision, really I have replaced plenty of mirrors for distorted images. One of my old shop foremen had a policy that every customer got mirrors, all they had to do was get a repair order written. I told the Service Manager about the policy, he did not find it so funny that we were making up our own replacement policies. I was real easy to convince that a part like this needed replaced, why argue with the customer? and besides everyone got paid.