Out of gas or bad battery?

Went to dig out my 2006 Scion xA this morning – 8 inches of snow and 18 degrees. It started and I let it warm up while scraping the windshield. Got in to drive and the radio would not turn on and the gas gauge read completely empty. I had 298 miles since the last fill up, so I should have been low but not completely on empty. I put it into reverse and it died. It wouldn’t turn over after that. This probably seems like a lame question, but is this more likely a dead battery (it was new last year)?

This is not related to fuel level at all.
You have an electrical problem. It is likely that your battery is dead, but it is also likely that something wrong with your electrical system has caused the battery to die. You may have loose wiring connections, a bad alternator, or something else.

Just to be clear when you say “wouldn’t turn over” you mean that you turn the key and nothing happens? Or maybe just a click? That has nothing to do with fuel as tardis said.

But many people on these boards will report not “turning over” when they mean not firing up/starting.

So if you turn the key and the engine actually tries to start (revs over & over) but won’t start, then dump some gas in an drive on to a gas station.

If you turn the key and nothing happens your best bet is to have a voltmeter to put on the battery to check its charge. Clean the battery terminals & reconnect & fully tighten. If you have no charge you can pull the battery, take it to an auto parts store & have it tested. If you get the car running you can take it to an auto parts store and have the whole charging system checked out.

If your first question now is something like “how do I pop the hood” and/or “where is the battery” and/or “what is a voltmeter” then you may need a tow or someone with some basic skills in these areas.