Replaced dead battery in my 2001 Saturn SC1 and now it turns over but won't start?

So my toddler turned on my dome light on Friday and I didn’t realize it all weekend. Monday morning the battery was D.E.D. Charged it all day then jumped it and it turns over but no start. Took it to Autozone for a deep charge and test and ended up with a new battery. Installed it and the engine turns over but still won’t start. It ran fine on Friday. This car is my commuter and I don’t want to spend the money to take it to the shop. Any idea’s why it won’t now start? Could the dead battery have killed something else while it sat in my driveway?

I’ve seen idle air controls do this when a battery goes dead or is changed. It gets stuck in the closed position when the system is re-powered up. Try this: hold the accelerator down slightly while trying to start it. This will allow some air to bypass the IAC via the throttle plate. If this works it will probably stall when you release the accelerator. If so, clean or replace the IAC.

When the battery died/was disconnected, the anti-theft system is preventing the engine from running.

Here’s how to reset the PassLock system.

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the run position.

  2. Turn ignition switch to the start position very quickly and let it return to the run position.

  3. Leave the ignition switch in the run position for ten minutes.

  4. Turn the ignition switch off.

Repeat steps 1-4 two more times.

The engine should then start and run.


Thanks so much for the reply! I gave that a try and still no dice. Someone else suggested maybe the engine was flooded so I put the pedal to the floor and tried to start it with no luck. It’s almost as if it’s not getting fuel.

This vehicle has quite the history and the fuel pump was just replaced in Sept 2011. Water pump just before that in June 2011. New alternator (twice, under warranty at Saturn Dealer) in Feb 2010 and March 2009. New starter (twice, once at local shop and second time at Saturn Dealer) in Jan 2009 and Oct 2008.

Ugh I’m not interested in spending more money on this car but I don’t want another car payment either. Do you think it’s just time to cut bait or take it in one more time?

Oh I didn’t see your reply Tester! Thanks, I’ll give it a try! I thought it might be the passlock but the manual doesn’t say anything about changing the battery and needing to reset it. Woot, off to give it a try!

I take it the engine turns over with the starter. Squirt some starter fluid in the throttle body and see if it starts. If so, than it’s fuel. You can pull a plug and lay it against the block and chech for spark.