Occassionally Dead Car

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2 with manual transmission. Occassionally the car acts like the battery is dead. It turns over once then goes dead. The radio and electric windows and door locks work fine but the dash is dead and the car will not start. After it sits for about fifteen minutes it starts just fine. It happens sometimes when it’s cold. It happens sometimes when it’s warm. It happens sometimes when it’s wet. It happens sometimes when it’s dry. It happens sometimes if I start and stop frequently. My mechanic has checked the battery two or three times. It checks fine. There’s no corossion on the battery posts or cables. My mechanic thought it might be the clutch but pumping the clutch two or three times makes no difference. My mechanic and I are totally stumped. What have you got.

My first suspect would be the ignition switch or wiring to it since it controls power to the areas you are having trouble with. There may be a faulty section in the switch for those areas you mentioned.

My second guess would be a bad, loose battery cable or cable connection. Check both ends of each cable.