Electric Buick Windows


It seems that many drivers are having problems in Fl with their GM cars window motors and regulators. This is almost $500 a pop to fix our 1999 Century. Why is this happening to everyone?


Maybe the regulators are just worn out. I have a 1998 Regal and replaced 3 regulators this year, and will replace the remaining one soon.

Shop around for a better price. I bought each regulator on line for less than $75 each delivered, and installed them myself. It’s actually an easy job. If you want a mechanic to do it, figure on an hour per door. Don’t buy the GM regulators, they are too expensive.


Thanks for your answer. I have found many people here in FL replacing these. Why? No other cars have this problem and my Dad in CT never had trouble. Actually, repair shops have these in stock just to repair Buicks! It is an epidemic


I think that you are just sensitive to it because you need it. It doesn’t bother me. I paid about $2000 less for my Regal than an Accord EX in 1998. I’m still way under $2000 in repairs. Maybe the Florida climate has someting to do with it. Are you near the water?