Is this 2018 Ford Fiesta a good deal?

Repairs? Transission?

Under warranty? Problems? Details about your car?

Patricia , how about explaining why you are asking ? I have a 2018 Fiesta so I am still under the warranty which means I am not concerned .

Hi,I am about to buy a Ford fiesta ,2018,with 13,000 mies,still under warranty. Im.73 so don’t want to deal with repairs.thank yu gr8 ainswering

Saw where some complained about yraismission

2019 is the last year for the Fiesta and they are such reasonably priced vehicles with good discounts why would you even think of a used one . Besides if you finance the new vehicle rates are better than used. Also why is a year old vehicle back on the lot ?

I think it was a repocession…im.getting it from 12,000. It’s an SE

Why are rates better for new car!

Because there is less risk to the lender. Because there is a full warranty on the new car, there are no unexpected repair expenses that might cause the loan to go into default. for your help. I have never night a car by yself,my husband passed away in 1998 ,the same year that we might the 1998 Honda civic.

They are only about 0.5 percent different, not enuf to worry about. Besides, auto loan rates are so low as to be inconsequential.

I don’t call that a good deal . Don’t know where you are but here in the Midwest a local Ford dealer has several 2019 Fiesta SE with a sticker price of about 17000.00 for 14000.00.

Do you know how to search dealer inventory over the web ? Also you can actually deal with the internet sales department by email.