2003 Mercury Sable panic alarm goes off randomly

Weird - but the panic alarm on my car seems to go off randomly in the mid-to-late afternoon (often when sun is fairly high in the sky). Mechanic has put it through all testing / diagnostics with no indication of a problem. Note: hood switch has been disabled. I’m getting desperate.

Panic alarm that the keyless entry fob activates? Or anti-theft system on the car?

Panic alarm, not the keyless entry

OEM system or aftermarket?

I’m not car panic alarm savy. When that function is working correctly, how is the panic alarm activated? What sort of situation would the car owner use it for?

It’s the OEM panic alarm - it appears as an original button on the key fob …

As for its purpose, I’ve never been 100% sure since I’ve never really used it. I could check the “description” in the manual (will check tomorrow).

Thanks for the replies.

I don’t think the 'Panic Alarm ’ is the problem here . The panic alarm is usually activated by a button on the key fob. It is to set the vehicle alarm off if you are in danger on the way to or from your vehicle by someone. It can be activated by accident .

George , a Google search will let you read a very good article explaining this feature.

If there is a cell phone or any magnet near the key fob it might activate it. When I sit on my lift chair to go upstairs I have to be careful not to hit the seat belt housing or mine will sound. Probably not what causes yours to sound at a specific time.

Did you get your data form a scan tool? The security module can tell you if the alarm was set off by a security system intrusion or panic alarm.

How did you determine that the alarm was initiated by the panic alarm?