Open circuit error displaced in overhead console

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee platform WJ. 4.0L

With an Open circuit error. I did not see any other forums with this error.

Was wondering if any one else has a had a problem with the overhead console displacing ?open circuit? were the temperature degree would be displaced.

It does not displaced it all the time just randomly.

Any ideas on how to fix it or what?s the issue?

Do I need to pull some codes and see what if anything is there.

Before I start popping panels and trim off.

Also the master power door/window buttons only work when the door is closed.

Has a sun roof that does not work.

Open circut could mean a blown fuse, that would open a circut. If you have an owner’s manual it should be covered somewhere in the manual.

Perhaps the open circut is the reason your sunroof doesn’t work.

It means that there is no detectable resistance from the temperature sensor. Causes could be:
A bad temperature sensor.
A faulty connector at the temperature sensor.
A broken wire going from the display to the temperature sensor.
An internal fault of the display.

I’d start by unplugging the temperature sensor and then reconnecting it. If it starts working, then the connector is bad or needs cleaning.
If that doesn’t work, create a short (a paper clip works for this) between the two contacts that the temperature sensor plugs into. If the message changes, then the temperature sensor is defective. If it doesn’t, then the wiring is cut somewhere or the display is faulty.

Good advice from Tardis. The temperature sensor is most likely in front near the bottom of the radiator or in the front bumper area.

The door panel switch problem is most likely due to broken wires in the wire harness that runs through the door jamb. The short harness section is made to be replacable and there are connections close to each end where it goes through the door jamb. This is a common problem on Jeeps and other models.

What makes you think the manufacture would tell you about an “open circuit” through the mirror display? Have you looked in the manual to find a way to correctly interpet this message? Is this a combination compass display? I think all your answers will be found in the owners manual and it will be related to a calibration step