1999 Jeep Grand Piece of Work

Alright, every now and then I will get into my car and turn it on only to realize that some of the electronics aren’t working. My speedometer, odometer, windows, radio, and A/C will not work. My tachometer (sp?), gas, oil pressure and temp gauges work as do my warning lights for ABS, “BRAKE”, and “CHECK ENGINE”. Also, it used to be that I could just turn off the car and start it again and it would work itself out but when I do so now it doesn’t resolve itself. On top of it, there is a squealing noise when it’s in “park” and I can feel something grinding or rubbing against something else when I put my hand on the shifter and it will stop when I pull it out of park. Turning the key itself is “gummy” as well. I have no idea as to what’s going on but was wondering if there have been others experiencing this. I just don’t want my car to quit on me but I can’t afford to get it in right now… thanks for any assistance and time.

There are about a dozen TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) on the Jeep. You can read them to see if any seem to apply. Is it an automatic transmission? If it is, run the engine until the transmission fluid is hot. Check the level, and add as needed.
Something is probably wrong with the wiring. As the engine is running, with the A/C and radio ON, move and shake the wires about under the dash and under the hood. If the radio, or blower fan falter while you’re disturbing the wiring, note which section of wire it is; then, repair, or have wiring repaired.

After checking some data on your vehicle it looks like the problem may be with the ignition switch. A red/blk wire on pin 5 to the switch connector supplies switched power from the hot side of the switch (pin 4)to at least some of those areas you mention. You could use a test light probe on that spot to see if that is trouble. If you have no power on pin 5 with the key ON and pin 4 (red) is hot, then replace the switch.

I really appreciate the insight. I will try the transmission fluid check tonight when I get home from work as well as the wire shaking. That’s a bit more within my expertise. Cougar, your advice seems awesome but I don’t have that capability… however, I do know some people that I could probably get to check that for me. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help.

You’re welcome for the help. Hopefully someone can check that out for you.