Ambient (outside) temp sensor

The ambient (outside) temperature sensor on my 04 jeep grand cherokee is now stuck in the open position (it reads -40 constantly) after having body work done to it. Could this be a fuse, loose wires, or is the senor broken? Also could this have been damaged by the body shop?

If it was a fuse-related problem, it wouldn’t function at all, so you should rule that possibility out.
A wiring problem is a possibility, but I think that the problem is more likely to be the sensor.

On most vehicles, the ambient temperature sensor is located just behind the front bumper.
Is this the area that the body shop worked on?

I’d bring it back to the body shop. I’m sure their workmanship carries a limited warranty.

I agree. Realize that when body work is done, external components are often rusted in place and replaced ones may not be correctly grounded. Try to get the same technician to look at it. The body shops I have gone to are very obliging to have satisfied customers. Hopefully it’s an easy fix.

Most likely explanations, in my opinion . . .

The sensor is physically broken

The sensor is unplugged

I’m going with Dag’s suggestion about the ground. If a painted part was replaced, and the temp sensor simply screwed in, it may not have grounded properly with the new painted part.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised of the body shop fixed it in minutes at no additional cost.

Take it back to the shop. If the sensor was working when it went into the shop and not working when it came out, it’s not your problem.

These sensors don’t rely on the body for ground so I’m with @db4690‌ .

Sold. And a bit better educated.