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Maintenance mauual

kindly i need a maintenance mannual for toyota corolla 2010 LE

Do you mean the owner’s manual or the service manual. BTW you need to tell us what model year Corolla you have.

BTW there are the basic repair manuals available at the auto parts stores and the real manual (the one the dealers and shops get).

i need the service manual please. and i have toyota corolla 2010 LE. thanks in advanced

I have a 2009 Corolla and have not been able to locate a manual, the Haynes manual only goes to 2008. You may want to try to dealer to see if they have a service manual

Your car has a factory service warranty. Don’t pay for a repair the dealer should do for free. A service repair manual for this car will only be available at the dealer right now. And they will be pricey. In a couple of years, the price should drop a bit, and more DIY-style manuals will be available. The only service your car should need in these first couple of years is fluid changes.

thank you for the advice