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Can anyone help me find a repair manual for a 1997 Toyota Tercel?

I’m looking for one of those Chilton or Haynes type repair manuals that will show me how to do most simple repairs myself, but I can’t find one for this year/model. The only thing I’ve found in my online search is an original Toyota repair shop manual (the kind the dealer service dept uses) and it’s very pricey. Does anyone know where I can find an “after market” repair manual for this car? Thanks!

Try and search for the manual. They have online and printed manuals available.

I went to When I type in 1997 Toyota, Tercel is not an option. I guess Haynes didn’t make one for that year/model.

About all you can do is go to EBAY or Craig’s List see if someone is selling a used manual there.

Or you could subscribe to online repair service manual for your vehicle.


Pricey they are…But if you need one you need one…

Have you tried your local library?
Ours used to stock all the Mitchel Repair Manuals. Not sure if they still have access to Mitchel, but they do have online access to “Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC)” Seem as though many libraries do.

Our library has many online subscriptions for use including alldata, in addition to many chiltons and haynes on the reference and regular shelves.

In my opinion the factory manuals are far superior. Especially when maybe you want a little more detail on a particular item. I’ve always paid around $100-150 for the shop manuals and they are worth it when you need one. I cheaped out on the Pontiac manual with a Chiltons and its pretty much worthless.

Wow, what a great community this is! Thanks, everyone, for your helpful replies. I’ll check my local library but have one more question regarding the factory manual for those of you who has used them. Are they too technical for the average DIY’er? Do you really have to know auto mechanics already to understand them? I want to be able to change plugs, wires, filters, some belts, and be able to check fluids and flush the radiator, etc… routine stuff - and MAYBE replace some exhaust parts. But when I need a new timing belt I’ll definitely be taking it to my local mechanic shop.

By the way, I can’t say enough good things about the '97 Tercel. I never get less than 42 mpg and have gotten as high as 54 mpg!! Why on earth did Toyota ever stop making them?!

“Why on earth did Toyota ever stop making them?!”

Because Americans are stupid?

Well, the shop manuals are designed for the mechanics at the dealership so I guess it is assumed that there is a basic level of competence involved. Its just that they will have far more detail, short cuts, and procedures for repairs that the Chiltons will not. They would show things like where the fasteners are for the glove box, seats, etc. Where the wires are routed throughout and the wire colors. Plus the tree type diagnostic charts. The charts themselves may not be useful without diagnostic computers and equipment though. But the Chiltons don’t go into that much either. Yep, $100 is $100 but if you like the car and want to know more about it, might be worth it.

Toyota stopped building the Tercel because they had the wildly successful Corolla. It could not have been hard to convert Tercel drivers looking for a new car the the slightly larger Corolla with a lot more power.

Well it became the Echo, then Yaris and Scion.