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Service manual book?

I own a 2005 Ford Escape so I wanted to get more info on this vechile so which has more infomation Haynes or Chilton? Anyone know which is better?



I’ve had good luck with Haynes manuals for most do-it-yourself jobs, but if you want the best get a Ford factory manual.

The factory manuals cover EVERYTHING. Of course they also cost a lot more.

Check for used manuals at

You can order a factory service manual at the dealership. They are expensive, but quickly pay for themselves after a couple of DIY jobs. Go for it!

You can find all flavors of service manuals on eBay too…

Or you can suscribe to a subscription to for 14 bucks for the first year and 10 bucks each subsequent year. Unless you plan on keeping the car over, say 7-8 years, the alldata sub. might be a better way to go. I bet the service manuals are close to 100 or more. I paid over 130 several years ago for the 3 (or 4?) factory manuals my ford windstar required. One for general. One for electrical. One for vaccum systems. And one for emissions systems. They are good, but alldata has about as much info and detail.

In my experience, the Chilton’s has better diagnostic and reference material but the Haynes has better step-by-step directions. Of course both pale in comparison to the factory manual.

Also, there is free auto repair information (which I believe is the same info as in the chiltons) available at or possibly through your local library’s EBSCO subscription.

The 2005 Escape Factory Workshop Manual Can Be Ordered Directly From Helm Inc. At . Looks Like It Runs $180 + S&H.

I have ordered manuals for all of my GM vehicles from them for several decades.


If you’re going to keep the car, i would buy a haynes manual. If you are leasing or plan on trading the car in soon, i would either go to a site where you can download repair manual, or an online repair manual like alldata.