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“…censored out of the film when it is run on television.”

Nobody is being that much of a drama queen here, are they. Back in the 1940s, what was the maximum speed of the average truck, 35 MPH?

I probably shouldn’t be the one to say it, but sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Based on the angle of the pictures, they look like they were taken by a passenger, not a driver. It’s pretty obvious. If the first picture had been taken by the driver, you would see some of the hood in the picture.

This isn’t really a political issue, but you seem to freely cast “liberal” labels on those who think it is a bad idea and “conservative” labels on those who think it is a good idea. If you look at the facts, you will find that when conservatives had control of both the Whitehouse and the Congress, the size of our government expanded by leaps and bounds.

What you mistakenly think is the “conservative” view of this issue isn’t conservative at all, at least the way today’s conservatives operate. What you are really promoting is the libertarian view of government, which, in practice, is nothing like what you will get with today’s so-called conservatives.

If the first picture had been taken by the driver, you would see some of the hood in the picture

If that’s the case, wouldn’t we also see some of the hood in the picture if the passenger took it? And if it had been taken by the passenger wouldn’t we also see the “A” piller on the side of the photo.

Liberal vs. conservative ? I have never gotten any hate mail from a conservative, so… :slight_smile:

yeah, we like to think things through first. haha.

Why is it “liberal” to care about their safety?

If only most crash tests were not conducted at a 30 mph rate I would agree with you…

however, the pessimist in me yells at reasons why Darwin’s theory is not in activity. The first photo they’re in a carpool lane in a HIGHWAY. I don’t care how you look at it… some people need to rethink to the level of “adult supervision.”

Why is it “liberal” to care about their safety?

It’s not.

And then there are people who STAGE photoshoots like this in the hopes of making money off it, somehow…Look at the recent “Balloon Boy” fiasco in Boulder, Colorado…

If you find yourself outraged by a series of “candid” photographs, chances are, the photos were created for the express purpose of eliciting that outrage. Once outraged, you become very easy to manipulate in a direction you might not normally move…


Sonya says: The first photo they’re in a carpool lane in a HIGHWAY.

Carpool lane? Carpool lanes out west are to the left side of the fast lane, and are marked with a “diamond” painted on the lane.

Why are they on the RIGHT in Florida, and where is the “car pool” designation???

Your comment re: “Darwins theory” is funny :slight_smile: If it worked with people it would solve all

Probably not the smartest thing I’ve seen but if those are NH plates it is all legal. I’m actually surprised to see so many horrified people… i’m sure many of you are as negligent as these parents. Sure you may not attach your kids to car seats within a truck bed but I know sure as fertilizer you let your kids ride their bicycles without helmets.

I could understand the outrage had they not used car seats but most of you need to relax… I think you members of the neighborhood watch need to simmer down and go back to listening to your police scanners.

Mass Hole, Some Folks Have Never Eaten Paste, Had B-B Gun Fights (My Dad, Not Me On This One), Raced Dirt Bikes, Or Played With Cherry Bombs. Too Bad Because Then They Could Relax.

Some have never experienced a cherry bomb going off inside their car, either. I’m still a little ticked at one of my friends over that one. We were able to get the windows open quickly enough to “equalize pressure” after he announced that he had dropped it.

Ever ride in a Corvair gotng backwards from one friend’s house to another friend’s house, a couple miles away? How about potato cannons that used gasoline and spark plugs or bicycles Powered by B&S engines with propellers. Rocket motor go-carts (that one was taken apart never to run again after just one brief “firing”). Almost took a house off its foundation. That was not a good project and wasn’t done to the specs in the Hot Rod Magazine article.

I’m not saying we were wild kids, but we did build some fond memories and we all lived to tell about them. I could go on, but I’d be writing for hours.


I actually “ran with scissors” :wink:

But when we express concern for these kids, we’re branded as “liberals” who want to take away freedom.

GSN, That’s what these neocons like to do. For example, if you ask whether or not torture is effective, they will respond with “Why do you hate America?” instead of answering the question. If you express concern about infants riding in the back of a pick-up truck, they will say, “but I ate paste when I was kid, so whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” We know one thing for sure, eating paste doesn’t make you any smarter.

Jacksonville, FL doesn’t have any carpool lanes. Those are for big city folk.

Well, I’m such a pointyheaded liberal you could hurt yourself on the sharp end, but I have to agree with the folks saying “calm down.”

Sure, that’s riskier behavior than correctly belted into the back seats of a sedan. But the pickup only has one passenger seat. Would it have been safer for mom to hold both kids on her lap? I doubt it.

I suppose the driver could have made three trips, one for each passenger, but then there would have to be someone at the destination to watch the kids until mom comes over on the last trip, or else it’s also a Child Protective Services situation…

Everybody has to go through life making risk assessments. Driving a pickup slowly and carefully with kids in child seats and an adult to watch them is probably far from the most dangerous situation kids have in their lives. You could make the case that drinking lots of soda pop kills kids much more surely than that, if a lot more slowly.

HEY “Don” quixote9!!
Who you callin a pointy headed liberal?? LOL :slight_smile:
I heard you pick fights with windmills. ha ha…
I agree about the soda pop, french fries etc. Like someone else pointed out here, it’s time to outlaw all the McDonalds.

“It’s my business because I will have to pay for their hospital bills while they “live” their lives in a vegetative state. You will, too.”

And that what the government will say once they push through health care, we are saying that you can’t do X because it will cause an increase in health care.

Almost everything you do is a “privilege” any license is a privilege, a doctor has the “privilege” of being a doctor because we give him/her a license, same thing with a lawyer, CPA, etc. Heck even voting has been called a “privilege”.

So if it’s really about saving money, which you said it was your business because you have to pay for their hospital bills, then here I’ll save you a bunch of money, all we have to do is set the speed limit to 10 mph. All cars will have a limiter install to prevent speeding.

There I just saved over a 1,000 lives a day, what too slow, don’t you want to save children? How heartless are you to let children die so you can drive a little faster. Think of the health care dollars you’d save?

And what’s really sad is there are people who’ll think that was a good idea.

And before you ask yes I rode in the back of a truck many times. I was GREAT!! Heck I’ve did it this summer.

I even sat on my dad’s lap at five years old so I could steer the van. I slept in the back window of the car. I played with my hot wheels in the back of a station wagon, no seat belt, I wasn’t even in a seat.

Most of my friends have done the same, yet somehow we survived.

I guess it could be worse.