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ICE contractor has a special vehicle for transporting babies

When I first saw this on the interwebs, I thought, “This can’t be real. It must be satire.”

Not only is it real, but someone at The GEO Group thought it was something to brag about in a press release, which has since been removed from The GEO Group’s website.

I can’t envision Graco being pleased about getting this kind of publicity, but at least they sold some infant seats.

This hasn’t gotten any replies yet. Technically it is a discussion about vehicles, but I’m not optimistic this will really stay a discussion about vehicles. I would love to be wrong, so I’ll leave it for now.

AT least they are using infant seats. Although the real problem is why a bus like that is needed in tne first place. That whole situation discusses me.

I for one would be interested in knowing if this kind of vehicle, designed exclusively to transport infants and toddlers, has ever been built or used before, or if we’re looking at a new breed of mass transit.

Wow, no seats for adults? Wonder if the drivers seat has a kiddie chair! Looks like it will hold 24, something for a large family or preschool transportation company to keep in mind. You know what my commentary would be, so in respect to the forum I won’t post it. :frowning:

As long as this isn’t an Eddie Haskell ploy to talk politics, fine.

I have no reason to be confident that won’t happen, but you won’t find me getting more political than I have already, by virtue of being shocked that it’s a thing.

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Gee MS Clever, I thought it was good, Beaver’s school bus does not even have seat belts

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Imagine the uproar if the bus WASN’T so equipped!

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No,the uproar is that it’s needed in the first place. It’s just WRONG.

Look at the bright side . . .

each kid has a dedicated cup holder for their “sippy cup”