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Weird driving laws

Ran over these funny driving laws this morning:

Did you do any damage when you ran over them?


Live in Arizona, and can verify that I have seen our law broken numerous times.

Stinkin’ kids, STAY OFF MY LAWN!!!


Young teenagers find pushing the buttons very amusing.

I recall back when there were no seat belts. I think it was 1969 when a law was passed requiring children to be 16 or older to ride in a pickup bed. In the 1980s a law was passed requiring dogs in a pickup bed be restrained but as far as I know never people!

because dogs are man’s best friend.


The Illinois law about hanging things from the rear view mirror is also in Wash. DC.

The one in Michigan makes sense. No car selling on Sundays. We need one day of no car selling per week, good for the country in my opinion. Whatever sales missed on Sunday can be made up on Monday.

But why forbid only car sales. Why not shut the whole town down? Seems discriminating to me to restrict ONLY car sales.

I can wait until Monday to buy a car. Not waiting until Monday to buy beer and potato chips for Sunday night NFL :wink:

Huh, and I thought Virginia was for lovers. At least that’s what the plates say. Like I said before our law professor used to say that there has never been a law that someone, somewhere didn’t want.

At any rate, in Minnesota it is also illegal to stop a Legislator while they are in session. The idea was that it would be a way to sway an important vote one way or another. A couple times its been an issue. Also you can’t have anything hanging from your mirror. A while back, a kid was stopped on the interstate for it-well supposedly. A drug runner. But if you are going to run drugs, don’t speed and don’t have one of those diamond pennants hanging from your mirror. I’m pretty sure we can’t have flame throwers on the car either.

Remember that case in Canada a few years ago where the girl stopped to let the duckling cross and resulted in a fatality? Looks like in some states you must stop and others you must not. Personally, I’ll do what I please if ducks are crossing.

Informed by my son who lives in Wisconsin about a new law regarding roundabouts. Traffic in the roundabouts generally has the right of way and yeild signs reflect this.

However they passed a law this year giving trucks 40 ’ or longer the right of way regardless of signage!

Sounds like a recioe for carnage to me. Sorry, I thought your truck was only 39’.

I’m okay with this because the more people I meet, the more I love my dog.


Truckers have been driving this way for a long time, but most only do it when it is necessary. Truckers call this “taking the lane” or “taking the intersection,” where you have to pull out in front of someone because you’re never going to get a large enough gap in traffic to pull a loaded tractor trailer into traffic without cutting someone off.

If a roundabout is busy enough, a loaded semi might sit at the yield sign forever without a law like this (or without taking the lane).


Then you would probably LOVE living in Bergen County, NJ, where you cannot sell anything other than food or medications on a Sunday.

The rest of the state abandoned their so-called “Blue Laws” several decades ago, but Bergen County clings to this old tribute to Christianity in an era when a substantial portion of the population does not celebrate a Sunday Sabbath. It wasn’t even that many years ago that a man in Bergen County was arrested for making emergency roof repairs on his house, because it was illegal to perform that type of labor on a Sunday!

And, just to keep this thread automotively oriented, I will mention one of the most profound effects of the Sunday Blue Laws in Bergen County is that traffic in the vicinity of all of their shopping malls comes to a complete standstill on many of the highways on Saturdays, simply because people who work Monday through Friday are essentially forced to do their shopping on Saturdays.

Apparently you’ve never been to Utah.

I was a trucker for 40 years and yes, sometimes it is necessary to bull
your way in, but I have never seen the law give a truck the right of way
over cars that are obeying all the signs. How is Wisconsin going to warn
out of state drivers to ignore the posted signs and yeild to trucks. How
many people can accurately tell the length of a truck?

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I agree these issues are problems, but in most cases, four-wheelers recognize when it’s time to give a trucker the right of way (when the choice has been taken from them already).

As you know, a loaded semi lumbers along pretty slowly. The rest of the drivers usually have plenty of time to react.

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A book of weird driving laws was published years ago, but I don’t remember its title. It included old laws that were never repealed like in one state a motorcar traveling through a town at night must be preceded by a man swinging a lantern. In one state backing up is illegal. I don’t recall the states, as it was many years ago that I saw the book.

actually, I grew up in Germany. Stores close at 2pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. Probably has changed by now.