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Old blue..., and other battles with oxidation

…or its fixed.

…who am I kidding, cars like ours will never be finished. there is always more to do…


“Soon enough we’ll be moving into a house so Im looking forward to being able to work on it in peace”

This house . . . are you buying?

When I was renting an apartment in a somewhat bad neighborhood, the apartment manager always gave me grief about working on my car. They never even saw me do anything beyond checking the engine oil, checking the tires, or adding washer fluid. Yet they pestered me every time I popped the hood. One time, I was real sneaky and adjusted the valves on my sister-in-law’s honda in the middle of the night, while everybody was snoring.

Anyways, when I bought my first house, it was a real pleasure to be able to work on a car in my own driveway, without anybody threatening me.

@db4690‌ Yes, buying.



Will this be your first house?

Thanks, Yes it will be