Old blue lives on

well the regulars may remember old blue, my 75 ford supercab…

i am happy to report that the fix a flat is still holding and i have delayed buying new tires for the time being…

as i tell my daughter, “every trip is an adventure in old blue…”


Glad to hear your “fix” is holding up!

Where have you been . . . ?!

How old are those tires, anyways?

i can t drive it in the rain anymore tho, the starter solenoid tends to stick, and if i cut it off while hot, i have to let the starter cool before restart , due to heat warping

i love that truck!

Hey DB!, i ve missed you buddy…

i ve been spending my time on the Plan B forum site, argueing mostly, but peacemaking too, or trying to anyway.

i had a flash that you posted on this thread, so i ll go read it now…


well, the back tires are probably ten years old, but they are expensive off road tires so no worries there.

i d say that the front tires are…, god knows. old enough to begin to dry rot anyway. the truck rarely moves these days, i m saving it for the value it will have after ISIS or Iran sets off a bomb and ruins all the fancy electronic cars. i m sittin’ on a gold mine…

i just got annoyed with the strict topic adherence here.

I seem to recall that some starters had/have a heat shield

Did your truck ever have that, and if so, is it still there?

Can you retrofit something?

nah, it only started after the solenoid got stuck one day. it is just part of owning a 75 ford. a new starter would fix it…, for a while…

i really need a new solenoid tho, i want to be able to drive in the rain if necessary. i need to build some shields to protect it from water, the old ones are long gone.

I was starting to wonder about you, too. It’s great to have your Eastern Shore presence to offset me Western Shore self.