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Old blue..., and other battles with oxidation

anyone else out there trying to save an old vehicle that is really beyond mortal help?

Right here wes

iv e been wondering why I haven t heard anything about that caddy recently…

Haha, well Ive been working and working and working on it…only to have a couple of old ladies with nothing better to do - “the homeowners association” (where we rent a town home) come and tell me I’m not allowed to work on it anymore. “If everyone had their car up on jack stands this place would look like a junk yard…you understand sir.” I said “mmmmk” and walked away. As for updates I had the front drums turned, replaced the shoes, replaced all wheel cylinders and bled the lines. Put on new white walls. Now my trouble is it doesnt like to start. Gas tank is sending up rust crap and clogging up the filters I guess. Everything needs to be dropped out and cleaned and Im going to coat the gas tank with a sealer to prevent rust particles from coming up.

yeah, I saw that coming fender. I m surprised it took so long, you must have nice neighbors.

where there s a will, there s a way.

I played cat and mouse with our town s code enforcement officer for a couple of years before I got old blue tagged again. he would set a date for it to be tagged or towed and I d take it to work for a month or two, then bring it back home til the next years notices went out.

Well nobody complained as far as I know, theyre all pretty nice and usually ask questions about it while Im working on it. They all seem to enjoy it. It is after all a 1950 cadillac, and far from an eye sore. Not to mention tools are only out there while Im working on it and I clean up after myself.

These women happened to be following men who were cleaning out the drains and manholes. They were literally setting up beach chairs and following them to each manhole. Nothing better to do. They happened to comment to me as I was walking in - is that your car?

Also, the cad is tagged and insured so…

that sounds like a fun day at work. having two ladies follow you around and supervise you as you clean drain scum.

Oh trust me I wouldve liked to give them a piece of my mind but it wasnt worth it. A friend suggested I shouldve told them Im turning the cad into a hurst and offered business cards.

Soon enough we’ll be moving into a house so Im looking forward to being able to work on it in peace. I could understand if the thing was a rusted piece of garbage and i constantly had parts laying out and tarps everywhere but thats very far from the truth. I work on it, clean up, and put everything away. Looks like a car just sitting there pretty. Oh well. Those old bags dont know the first thing about maintaining or fixing something. They hire help for that and sit on their ass.

Read your bylaws carefully. If it’s tagged and insured you may be within your rights.

usually jackstands overnight are where they draw the line…

@Fender1325: Hey Fender, I am stuck (for now) with being an elected trustee of my subdivision’s HOA. Sadly, many HOA’s are more interested in exerting control than using common sense enforcement. I highly second TSM’s advice. If you do not already have a copy of your HOA’s bylaws (often termed Indentures) ask the trustees for a copy. If they give you any grief, make the case that if you must abide by the indentures you are entitled (by law in most states) to have a written copy. Read it carefully. Take note not only of what it says you can and cannot do, must and must not do, but note what it doesn’t state. Creative minds can find lots of legitimate loopholes. Then also make certain you know what local government ordinances state. Those trump Indentures.

Good luck and may the classic car restoration gods favor your efforts!

Just re-read the lease and found it does in fact say no one is allowed to work on vehicles in the parkinglot. So Im SOL on this one.

Bummer. Hopefully you can soon move to a place where you can work on the car. Personally, as long as someone keeps everything tidy and cleaned up the way you are working, I don’t see why it should be banned. But then I find I am a heretic amongst HOA trustees.

actually old blue would be a really cool hearse for rednecks :slight_smile:

yeah, I m the same way about my work area. I like to leave it cleaner than it was when I found it…

I mean I have to put my tools away, otherwise they risk being stolen. Not fun having to pick up and carry a 3 ton jack everytime I want to work on it, but thats what I did.

that s one heavy jack you have there son…

just let it lay low for a few days so you don t get a letter, then continue on until you draw attention again. lather rinse and repeat until you move…